Artist: Kunisada

Applying Powder
Publisher: Senichi
Series: Modern Beauty
Date: 1830sSize: Oban   $5200.

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The collection includes the works of Yoshitoshi, Hasui, Hiroshige and Hokusai.

Artist: Yoshitoshi

#15 Mount Yoshino Midnight moon
Publisher: Akiyama Takeemon
Series: 100 aspects of the moon
Date: 1885
Size: Oban  $3800.

Artist: Kuniyoshi

Sudden shower at Ryogoku bridge 
Publisher: Enmata
Series: People famous for loyalty and filial devotion
Date: 1845
Size: Oban    $5800.

Artist: Yoshitoshi 

Teasing the Cat
Publisher: Tsunashima
Series: 32 Aspects of Women
Date: 1888
Size: Oban   $1400.

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